Zenglen celebrates their 28th Anniversary with the release of “Zenglen Mania”

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Zenglen celebrates their 28th Anniversary with the release of “Zenglen Mania”

Miami, Florida – April 5, 2017 – For almost three decades Zenglen has been breaking barriers and injecting their fans with music to quench their thirst for something new. With a fresh new look and some added novelties, Zenglen is prepared to wow music lovers of all ages.

Zenglen is a staple in the Haitian Music Industry, they have hardcore fans who expect only the best from them, this is why they have revamped the group, reconfigured their team and have added focus on marketing and branding,” explains Chenet Nerette, their new Director of Marketing and Communications.

With the return of Keyboardist Daniel Eugene, also known as Dano and the addition of Esdras Edouard, referred to as Drasso, and Joachim Barthelemy, better known as Bato, Zenglen is taking it back to their roots with an added flair to make “Zenglen Mania” something everyone can talk about. With live songs like “Happy 60 ans Compas,” “Tout Bagay Posib,” “Bon Grenn” and “With You,” to name but a few, “Zenglen Mania” gives musicians like Jean Brutus Derissaint, Jean Edouard Jean Baptiste (Frero) and Widler Octavious (Wid) a different platform to be able to deliver what loyal Zenglen followers expect the most – phenomenal music.

With a new logo, new staff, new members and a new album it is no surprise that Zenglen’s new single “Zenglen Mania” has created a nostalgic feel for those who have been longing for their musical return. The wait is finally over as they set out on a Kick-Off Promotional Tour in Haiti to highlight their July 28th Anniversary with a performance on May 12, 2017, with Dat7 at Fond Parisien, home of Maestro Jean Brutus.

Zenglen is a definite staple in the world of Haitian Compas, therefore it is only just to applaud their efforts, their longevity and their success as they mark their 28th Anniversary from July 1989 to July 2017 with a
world-wide celebration.

For more information on the CD Release contact Chenet Nerette, Director of Marketing & Communications at, or call
(617) 785-6928. For booking contact Roosevelt Fleurimey, General Manager & Booking at Fleurimey@gmail.comor call (786)277-4254.

More details about the group can be found on their Facebook Page – Zenglen – Follow them also on all social media fronts @Zenglen & #ZenglenForEver



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