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Pou Bel Ayiti makes beautifying Haiti a hands-on project!

Miami, Florida – April 21, 2017 – “Pou Bel Ayiti” is a joint effort by Atizan International and L’Union Suite, with the support of Fondasyon Ginen, Konbit Soley Leve, Chokarella, LivingHart, and Enbois by Maxime. Together these dynamic organizations have joined forces to present an interactive way to promote environmental awareness through art.

We want to engage school kids and the community to keeping their neighborhoods clean. Haiti has had major environmental issues thanks to the excess of trash on the streets and we want to change that by teaching kids that cleanliness can be fun,” explains Atizan International’s Angie Bell.

As an artistic environmental movement, “Pou Bel Ayiti” aims to keep the streets of Haiti clean by encouraging kids to paint empty steel drums to create their very own art piece that they can place in and around their schools and communities to start a campaign to pick-up trash and discard it properly.

With a mission to not only clean up the streets of Haiti, “Pou Bel Ayiti” will also serve as an educational platform where issues like deforestation, climate change and global warming will also be challenged.

Launching their first project in Cap-Haitien on May 1 and 2, 2017, “Pou Bel Ayiti” and its affiliates will create the “poubels,” translated trash cans, with the children followed by a conference where topics like keeping a clean environment and planting trees will be emphasized.

Partnering with “Pak Nan Ginen,” a community based park outside of St. Raphael, located in a small area called Rakblez, “Pou Bel Ayiti” is working hand-in-hand with multiple schools throughout the year, but their first stop is Royaume des Enfants and College Bell Angelot in Cap-Haitien.

It’s exciting to be able to empower kids because when we teach them young they will go out and teach others and it will create a domino effect of cleanliness and progress,” says Wanda Tima-Gilles of L’Union Suite.

Pou Bel Ayiti” is eager to start creating change in a fun and impactful way. They are continuing to raise funds to make it possible to reach as many schools in the outskirts of Haiti’s capital as possible.

For more information on how you can help log on to and to sponsor their next project email

Pou Bel Ayiti” believes that change is created one step at a time with the help of those who care about leaving a cleaner, safer, more beautiful world behind for future generations to enjoy.

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