Degaje – Harmonik’s 4th Album is on its way !


Less than a decade ago the group Harmonik introducted itself to the HMI and brought a new style of music to an industry that was longing for sexiness. Today, Harmonik continues to perform all over the world and has garnered a swarm of fans from all ages that can connect to their fantasies, while engaging in some phenomenal music.

On their 4th album, Degaje, Harmonik is back to give their music followers exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

The Wait is Over as Harmonik
Toasts to the New Year with the release of “Degaje”

Miami, Florida – November 21, 2016 – The group Harmonik is proud to announce the release of its fourth album, “Degaje.” This album will solidify Harmonik’s success in the industry. Only eight years ago, three talented musicians came together and created a dynamic trio. Nickenson Prud’homme, Mackendy Talon (Mac D) and Sanders Solon have surpassed all personal expectations and have reached thousands of fans through their vibrant, catchy and melodic tunes.

“We love our fans. Throughout the years our fans have stayed so devoted to us and their love makes us work harder. This album will give them something more to love about Harmonik because we poured our hearts and souls into “Degaje,” explains Maestro Prud’homme.

With several top ten hits in the past including, “Illegal,” “Jere’m,” and “Obsede,” Harmonik has made its mark on the Haitian Music Industry. This album, “Degaje,” will feature ten songs and will continue in the traditional Harmonik sound with some fun, fresh music waves that are sure to please diehard fans and bring along new ones. With the help of music innovators like MikaBen and Ti Reggie, Harmonik’s recipe for success is set.

Sexy, seductive and contemporary, “Degaje” has already created some massive buzz within the music community and fans are eager to hear something new from the group.

In December 2016 the wait is over. Expect “Degaje” to keep Harmonik on the top of their game.

Keep your eyes and ears open on all social media outlets @harmonikhmk and Facebook on Harmonik the Fan Page and don’t miss the drop of Harmonik’s best work yet.

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